Hi, I'm Christine

Also known as Marin and BewilderedBird.
This is a place for me to show some of my drawings. If you are interested in commissioning me, you will hopefully find all necessary info here. If you have further questions, feel free to send me an email.
Contact: marin.commissions@gmail.com
Commission status: OPEN

Commission info

Thank you for being interested in commissioning me! Please read carefully to avoid any confusion.


As I still have a normal day job, my time to do commissions is limited. Please do not commission me if the image needs to be finished in a narrow time frame. A standard character illustration is typically done within one or two weeks, but it highly depends on my work schedule. If all slots are full you will be placed on a waiting list.


Make sure to have a good understanding of what exactly you want and collect reference (descriptions, but more importantly images). I calculated the prices depending on the average time it takes me to finish a commission. Please keep in mind that any time that goes into researching the visuals you have in mind, adds to the total cost.

So having a bunch of reference images ready helps tremendously, i.e. giving me example photos of the clothing and hairstyle you have in mind for your character or even a quick scribble with the pose you want. Anything helps and it's better to provide more than less.

Payment and prices

All payments will be processed through PayPal (although you don't need an account), but you have several choices to pay, including credit or debit card. Commissions are to be paid in advance either in full or half. If you choose the latter, the second half needs to be paid when the sketch is done.

The price ranges below are calculated on the average time it takes me to finish a piece. The exact price depends on the complexity. So if you want your paladin to have the most intricate armor or a more complex background than this will add to the price.

The prices themselves are in EUR, so please convert into your own currency before commissioning to make sure they are within your price range.

All commissions are for private use only. Using them in a commercial context adds additional fees. Feel free to send me an email (marin.commissions@gmail.com) to discuss the matter.

Sketch/loose line art

Bust 25 €
Half body 40-75 €
Full body 75-125 €
Scene* per hour
Additional character +50 %


Bust 50 €
Half body 75-125 €
Full body 150-300 €
Scene* per hour
Additional character +50 %
* An image that tells a story and consists of one or multiple characters and a more complex background.

What I will and won't draw

I will draw:

  • Human/Humanoid Characters
  • Anthropomorphic/furry characters (not cartoony though)
  • Fan art
  • NSFW (suggestive, not explicit)
  • Simple scenes

I won't draw:

  • NSFW (explicit) or fetish art
  • Mechas, machines and anything industrial
  • Overly complex/detailed backgrounds
  • Creatures
Copyright © Christine Donath
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